About The Artist

The World's Premier Ocean life Painter

I am the artist Scott H. Walt. I began painting at the age of 7, and surfing at the age of 9 off the coast of southern California. I have brought my love for both - together, striving to present that love upon the canvas. Bringing to the world a glimpse of the power and beauty of that which can be seen, as well as the world of grace and calm below the surface. I wish to only share my love and fascination with YOU the best I can.

Artist's Statement

I paint because I must; (it pumps within my veins).
If painting is life, then when I paint I am breathing and alive.
I paint because I am a surfer and waterman. (Inlanders have no alibis).
If the majority of good ocean painting is about conflict, contrasts, and beauty then bad ocean painting is about lack of knowledge and intimacy; lack of touch.
I paint because I am a beach boy. (Clever, talented big city boys don't paint.)
I paint because I like the interaction between painter and client; painter and model.
I paint for the feel of the canvas. Human touch.