By Scott

Inside the mind of an artist.


Finding your passion, meaning, and purpose: The brain always has passion, but we aren't consciously aware of it. Here's a great writing exercise that will get you unstuck: make a list of all the past passions and successes you've had in your life. You should notice a huge spark of inspiration. Ask yourself, "what does this list tell me about my basic passion for being alive?" When you look at all of your past passions, you'll find the keys that tell you what will give your life deeper purpose.

Every day we go to a job or career that "others" may have pushed us toward; family, society, etc. A job or career that, deep down in our souls we know we hate. Yet sadly we endure. But what if we could do something that we loved. Something that we were overjoyed to be a part of. Something we were passionate about. And turn that into a profitable endeavor? I ask you to take that time. Alone, eyes closed and let your mind drift. Put forth the question, "what is my passion?" 5-10 minutes of quite. It will come to you. You will feel warm, enlightened, excited. Now, write down the steps that it would take to accomplish this awakening. Be creative. Be inspired.

NO ONE can stop you from fulfilling your dreams and your passions. YES! for some it will be a bit scary stepping out into the unknown. YES! it will take work to realize this goal. But YOU can do it. And by the gods, you will be a much happier and healthier human being. You will be excited each and every day. "Work" will no longer be work. You will feel as if you can meet each day with fresh exhilaration and joy.

We, as humans, are to live a life of freedom and abundance in love with what our gifts are. If we utilize those gifts to the apex of our being we will succeed in all facets of our life. Family, society, business, you name it. Others will see and then experience the energy you exude when they are in your presence.

Some adolescents know exactly what they want to do for the rest of their lives early on. Yet for most of us, we go from one short-term goal to the next: graduating, finding a job, creating intimate relations, building family and career. But the research suggests that 30-50% of people are not deeply satisfied with their lives. I hope you take the time to go inward and analyze your true calling. I have, and I will tell you that it is a scary event. But sometimes that passion screams so loud and so constant that you can't ignore it. Others will try their damnedest to bring you back into the herd. Back to the safety of the pack. But you will be miserable. You will show it. And you will NOT be living your dreams. You will be existing in their world. YOU WERE BORN TO CREATE. So get out there. Even if only baby steps at first. Like Sir Richard Branson (of Virgin everything) says, "I may fall on my face, but at least I'm moving forward." Have a great day. See you tomorrow.